“This is not your usual river cruise”

Enjoy a personalised two hour interpretive tour of the Endeavour River

As you board Gadget and look across the harbour to the North Shore you are seeing the same sites Captain James Cook would have seen in 1770, no developments, no resorts just a whole lot of nature.

Cruising is leisurely as you hear about this diverse river. Wide at the mouth, progressing north it is lined with over 25 species of mangroves; it then branches and changes dramatically to narrow creeks lined with palms and rainforest flora.

It is the Endeavour river that Solander first documented much of Australia’s flora. You will learn about this amazing eco-system and the part it plays in supporting its neighbour the Great Barrier Reef.

Birdlife is abundant – keep your eyes open for the resident sea eagle and osprey. Jabirus, pelicans, herons egrets and brahminy kites are all common sites. For the serious Twitcher you may even site the great billed heron.

Of course, no tour of the Endeavour would be complete without seeing a croc and there is every chance that you will see at least one.

The tour carries a maximum of 5 passengers. Refreshments are provided. There are plenty of opportunities for photos.

Croc Spotting

Crocodylus porosus – Estuarine or saltwater (saltie) crocodiles are found throughout northern Australia.

They are mostly seen in tidal reaches of rivers, but are also seen in freshwater lagoons and swamps and along some beaches. Males can grow up to 7 metres and mature at about 16 years. Females are smaller and rarely get bigger than 3-4 metres. Lifespan is unknown but they can live for at least 50 years.

Salties vary greatly in size. You may see very small hatchlings only 30 cm long up to monsters in excess of 5 metres. They haven’t been around for 160,000,000 years for nothing. They have to be one of nature’s best designs, capable of lying in a near coma state for long periods and then almost with the drop of a hat can burst into life at breathtaking speed to seize luckless victims!

You’ll be amazed at how such big reptiles can disappear so silently into the water without so much as a ripple, or blend into their surroundings whilst sunbathing on the banks. You’ll be surprised at the amount of times I’ve pulled up near to large crocodiles and have said to clients, “There’s over 4 metres of crocodile watching you, can you see it?”. They look at you in disbelief and scour the nearby banks saying “there’s nothing there”. Finally their eyes lock on to him and I still get a kick as their mouths open and their jaw drops as they come face to face with the largest croc species.

We are happy to take you out at any time but certain times of the day prove more fruitful.

Two hour sightseeing trips start from $85 per person (minimum of 3 passengers) or $400 for 5 passengers.

Sighting a large saltie is extremely likely at certain times of the year. Of course, as with all things natural and wild we can never guarantee a sighting, these animals do not perform on demand.

What we can guarantee is a trip into the ‘wilds’. Learn about these magnificent reptiles whilst watching the sun go down over the mighty Endeavour River and North Shore.

  • The tour carries a maximum of 5 passengers.
  • Refreshments are provided and a camera is a must.
  • This activity is seasonal so please check availability.

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