Lure fishing is one of the most exciting methods here in the tropics and allows you to cover a variety of different angling situations.

This style of fishing is generally aimed at the intermediate or advanced angler but if you’re a newcomer to the sport we are happy to teach you and have you competent in no time.

Learn a variety of ‘retrieve’ styles and how to get the best out of your lures and soft plastics in a multitude of scenarios.

We also cater for the ‘Popper” fisherman who like to target  the big GT’s and oversize queenfish that inhabit our local reefs and headlands.  Always good fun trying to land them on baitcasters and small eggbeater outfits, but not recommended for the faint-hearted.

There’s no better way to spend a day than aboard ‘Gadget’ silently moving along by electric motor, whilst your guide positions you on the many mangroves and snags. You’ll be amazed at the wildlife you can see whilst in stealth mode!   See turtles, dugongs, queensland groupers, stingrays, sharks, birds, monitors and the ever present saltwater crocodile.

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